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Love all the ladies here (Tiffany, Angela, Nicole). They're extremely professional and am happy with my results. I've tried endermologie before but didn't achieve the same results I did with TBD. I can't wait to come back when I need to get vacation ready, again! (December 2019)




I had my first session with Tiffany and second with Angela. Both girls are really amazing! They make you feel comfortable and both are very sweet. I noticed a difference after the first session. The sessions feel like a deep massage and actually helped the pain I have had in my legs. I want to return for more sessions soon. (July, 2019)


I'm so excited about this treatment. I started seeing results after 2 sessions. Tiffany is knowledgeable, funny and sweet! I love chatting with her during my treatments. Angela is one of the reasons I decided to move forward because she was easy to talk to and make an appointment. The bed is always warm before I start the treatment and there's no pain to gaining results which I love! Strolling in 2019 with an amazing bikini body! Thanks ladies! I couldn't do it without you! (February 2019)


I'm so upset I didn't hear about endermologie sooner. I've struggled with hereditary cellulite since I can remember. Aside, from me seeing a difference in the horrific dimples that have seemingly took control of my upper thigh/lower buttocks area, the sessions are so therapeutic and just feel like an amazing suction type massage, if that makes sense. I also feel less tense and tight after each session, I'm a bartender and am on my feet 9-10 hours some nights and the sessions are great the morning after a shift. Not to mention, the areas I get treated ARE RIDICULOUSLY SO SMOOTH AND SOFT FEELING. Not sure if that is a normal side effect or if I just got fortunate. AND I just tried their jade infrared sauna for the first time today after my endermologie massage session and, as stated before, I'm a bartender, but that combo now... by far my favorite cocktail  thanks Angela and Tiffany!!!!! (July 2018)


Being a yoga instructor I was looking for a way to help my muscle recovery other than foam rolling. I was recommended to try Endermologie by a friend she recommended that I try Thighs by design. I had my first Endermologie appointment with Tiffany. Tiffany explained how everything worked to me and walked me through step by step. She was warm, welcoming and professional. After my appointment I felt absolutely wonderful. The next day I felt even better. My body finally felt like it got the reset it needed to heal. 


This past weekend I was able to try their jade sauna, which was divine to combo with my Endermologie treatment! This is a must try! The environment is soothing, and warm and all the staff is pleasant and delightful to experience. I highly recommend this to all kinds, from athletes to those looking more for physical appearance.  (May 2018)


I've been coming here to receive endermologie treatments for a few months. I'm an avid athlete that loves massages. My hair dresser told me about this place and said" it's better than any massage" I was  very intrigued. It helps w circulation and it feels amazing. I feel so much energy after treatments......All I can say is WOWZERS I'm addicted! Plus Tiff the awesome and so friendly and makes you feel like you're old friends ;). I often combine the endermologie w the Infrared Jade Sauna after. It helps w detoxing and muscle recovery. It's also my time to meditate and have sum quite time....I highly recommend these treatments for anyone. It's a must in my life I just can't live without it now.  Call Tiff today to book your appt. You wont be sorry...... (January 2017) 


I moved down from LA last year and searched and searched for a place for endermologie. I was about to give up when I found Thighs By Design. My body is so very happy I did. My treatments started as a cellulite thing way back when and then i saw all the other benefits like literally losing inches, not getting bloated, losing my "back fat"....all of this was in LA, so when I couldn't find a place in San Diego I was HORRIFIED to see all those "symptoms" show up again. I've since come to learn, my lymphatic system is slowing down with age and it was the endermologie that was holding it all at bay. (the machine is from France. Go figure!)

The endermologists at this place are all amazing, professional and so knowledgable about the body.  Normally I would bond with one girl but I'll take any one of these talented girls for a session. I started off going 2X a week to get everything moving again and now I"m religiously going once a energizes me, keeps me healthy and my skin is exfoliated (my bf loves that). Quit a feat when you're going through Menopause. (ugh)

Love this place!!! ( and there's parking! yay!!!)  (May 2017)


I am so thankful Tiffany invited me for a free consultation with an endermologie treatment.  I remember driving home feeling energized and excited - after one partial treatment!  I started going twice a week for a couple of months, in preparation for a trip to Hawaii.  For a year and a half, I had been receiving cortisone shots in my shoulder for pain.  My upper body strength was very limited.  After two months of endermologie treatments at TBD, my range of motion has hugely increased and I have no pain in my shoulder!  I hadn't even noticed it until I went on my trip.  I was able to do things I hadn't been able to do in a couple of years.  I went rock climbing and hiking and stand up paddle boarding.  I was even able to rappel down a slippery slope - and then pull myself back up the rope!  I am so happy!  The smoother skin and body contouring is a BONUS compared to how I feel!

Both Tiffany and Angela work on me and it is so relaxing, like a massage.  I even fell asleep during a treatment!  It feels amazing.  And they are so professional and discreet and accommodating, finding what makes me the most comfortable. They have also given me helpful tips to make the treatments go further.  (Go find out for yourself!) - (February 2017)  


Endermologie is fantastic! After my first treatment I saw and felt the difference in my thighs and stomach. The skin in my thigh, hip and stomach areas felt tighter and there was a noticeable difference within six treatments. My boyfriend, who I had purposely not told about my Endermologie treatments, commented on the shapeliness of my thighs and bottom after my eight treatment.

There were additional benefits besides appearance. The forty minutes spent during the treatment are relaxing but also stimulating. I felt energized after every treatment. Additionally, my circulation improved. I had been experiencing some tingling and restlessness in my legs. Endermologie solved the problem completely.

The best thing about my Endermologie treatments is the environment at Thighs by Design. The ladies who have done my treatments have been so warm and make you feel immediately comfortable. The atmosphere is calming and lovely. I greatly look forward to my weekly treatments!


I had never heard of Endermologie – and then true to the laws of the Universe – I see it advertised and read articles about Endermologie’s results everywhere I look. I now have my own story since I have had the treatments for the last few months and the results have been amazing. The “before”, “middle” and current pictures attest to the difference it has made and the fact that my clothes are now “swimming” on me is incredible as well (I continue wearing them just to prove to myself that it is really true!!) The scale shows some weight loss – however the real difference is in the measurement loss. I look forward to each session as I always feel so “tingly” and energized afterwards and in such a happy frame of mind as the inches really just melt away. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. ENDERMOLGIE IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!


Have you ever run across one of those beauty secrets in life that is so compelling that you wonder why EVERYONE does not know about it? Well Endermologie happens to be one of my top three treatments I could not live without.

I am now 32 years old and when I was 24 and living in Newport Beach I started to notice cellulite on my sides! If it had just been on my butt and thighs I could have lived with it (since it would have been out of my site). It was so visible to me every time I looked in the mirror. I was more motivated than usual to find a solution.

I have never dabbled in cosmetic procedures more than facials, manicures, pedicures etc. so I didn’t really know where to start. I went online and started my research. I was intrigued by a procedure that was FDA approved called Endermologie. I was impressed with the before and after pictures so I found a local clinic that gave me a demonstration. Being a little skeptical I went ahead anyway since the various lotions I was using were not working very well.

After about the 3rd treatment, I started to notice several things. First, it helped with constipation (which has been a lifelong battle). Second, it really increased my circulation. By the 5th treatment (this was at a pace of one treatment per week), I started to notice that my skin was thinner. By the 8th treatment, not only was my skin smoother where I had cellulite but the BEST thing was that I was SHRINKING!!! To date I feel that this is the best result. I ended up with minor cellulite (about 10% of what I started out with) but I ended up dropping from a size 8 to a size 4 with my weight remaining the same…..AMAZING!

Having received the results I was happy with, I stopped my treatments altogether instead of following the once per month maintenance treatments that were recommended. After about a year I started to notice I needed the treatments again. I now realize that Endermologie requires maintenance but the same applies for nails, tanning, hair color, etc. As far as the cost, think of all the money you spend on clothes, etc. to make yourself look slimmer that get worn only once vs. the opportunity to have the body you want. Also, it is a very nice treatment that feels like a deep massage.

I am writing this testimonial in hopes that others will benefit from Endermologie and experience the feeling of well-being. I also hope that this treatment will be around forever!

I have told all my girlfriends about this and all of them have thanked me. Hopefully you will feel the same.


I am just loving my Endermologie treatments! I have now had my 12th treatment and I feel great. My thighs look way better not to mention my butt!

I also haven’t taken any medication for my arthritis since I started. What a great benefit!


Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. Because of this I lacked confidence, had a poor self-image, and lacked self-esteem.  After a recent difficult event in my life I found myself with an additional 20 lbs., and frustrated. With summer quickly approaching I once again dreaded wearing a bathing suit, shorts, or cute summer dresses. I wore clothes that did not reveal my upper arms, legs, back, and definitely not my stomach. Three kids had contributed to the pockets of cellulite surrounding what were supposed to be my abs.

I looked into liposuction but was discourage and leary about the lasting undesirable side effects. I heard about Endermologie but was extremely skeptical about yet another cellulite cure. I did not want to invest the time, nor the money on another “gimmick,” and potentially face another disappointed and a procedure that didn’t work.

I decided to try Endermologie and committed to nine weeks of bi-weekly treatments. I figured the cost was minimal compared to surgery, and there was no downtime. Within five weeks I began to see a difference. My cellulite was less pronounced, especially on my legs, and I began to feel encouraged. As I noticed more and more results I became motivated to work on following a healthier lifestyle. I had the desire to eat better, and to become more physically active.

By the ninth week my cellulite had drastically diminished! The improvements were so good I began wearing dresses again! I feel better about myself, am wearing more flattering clothing, and even feel good in my workout clothes – inspiring me to constantly seek an active lifestyle!

Endermologie not only had reduced the cellulite on my body and changed how my body looks, but I once again feel good about myself!! I’m even getting ready for a great summer at the beach!

A believer!

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