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Christina Tidwell is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and an Autoimmune Protocol Certified Coach. She has her own practice, Live Well, where she specializes in helping individuals find ways to incorporate healthy whole foods into their routine, increase energy levels, and reconnect to their true selves.  She believes in the power of food as medicine and that a real, whole foods diet is the key to sustained health and happiness!

She offers free, 30-minute consultations to Thighs by Design customers.

Click here to schedule your free session:


Follow along on her Facebook or Instagram for quick, easy and realistic diet and lifestyle tips on how to eat healthy while still enjoying this beautiful life of ours!


Get Christina’s free guide to whole foods, batch cooking!


You will receive: 

+ 7 day meal plan

+ Step by step instructions for how to cook an entire week’s worth of food in just two 2-hour sessions (life changing)

+ Grocery lists

+ Twelve of my favorite, easy recipes!


Enjoy making delicious and nutritious meals in way less time.

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