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Infrared Jade Sauna

How would you like to relax for 30 minutes while burning calories, eliminating toxins, improving your skin, and strengthening your cardiovascular and immune systems, all while reducing stress and fatigue?

Simply slip into our futuristic ‘pod’ and relax and rejuvenate while you sleep, meditate, or just bliss out as your troubles melt away.


How does it work?


Using the ancient healing power of jade stone, combined with high-tech infrared rays, our Infrared Jade Sauna actually heats you up from the inside out, versus typical dry saunas that merely heat the air and only heat you from the outside in. And, unlike dry saunas found at most traditional gyms, at Thighs by Design you won’t be in a cramped space sitting on a hot wooden bench with a bunch of sweaty strangers. Who really relaxes in that type of environment?


Why is it unique?


At Thighs by Design, our Infrared Jade Sauna is private and temperature controlled based on your comfort zone. You decide what level of heat is good for you. Just slip into your personal pod, recline on the jade stone bed, and close the lid for cozy time away from the noise and chaos that life sometimes causes. If you have claustrophobia – no worries, your head stays out so that you can breathe fresh air the entire time.


We recommend wearing tank tops, shorts, and socks while relaxing in our pod. We suggest not showering for at least one hour after your infrared sauna session as your pores are still expelling toxins and showering can shut the process down.


What are the benefits?


The Infrared Jade Sauna helps strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body and treat conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acne, achy joints and sore muscles.


Studies show that Infrared Sauna offers the following benefits:

• Detoxifies and Enhances Health
• Burns Calories and Increases Metabolism by as much as 20%
• Improves Complexion and Circulation
• Strengthens the Immune System
• Significantly Reduces Pain
• 30 minutes in the sauna provides the same cardiovascular conditioning as a 6 mile run


The benefits don’t end there. Jade stone is known around the world for its anti-aging effects and is credited by many cultures with boosting mental awareness and acuity. So not only does the Infrared Jade Sauna rays melt stress away, they can actually help you look and feel younger!

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